CMOHearn Dachshunds... A Puppy will melt your heart

Jeremiahs-5 And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries

Our Vision with CMOHearn Miniature Dachshunds simply engages information brought together with our Dachshunds, an understanding interaction with Humans makes for a wonderful life providing you are well trained in the Arts of Dachshund care 101 another family member a Miniature Dachshund / Puppy isn't like any other dog you will ever have. We hope all information brought together with a host of electronic galley photo's with endless possibility's of a full range of Color and Temperament to satisfy anyone's love of Dachshund Puppies.

                         Next Litter Forecast 2018

 We hope Dee will be ready around September for her next Heat in 2018 Right now we have 2-3 Females asked for on the waiting list, no male puppies have been ask for if you would like us to add your name to our waiting list for a Male puppy please do so quickly our email address   changes made Aug.28th 2018

       **** Dee's 2018 ****



When emailing us about our puppies all we need to know is the Sex desired,  your first and last name and color of the puppy.

 We get Chocolate, Rare Fawn colored puppies with Piebald thrown in to the mix from time to time.

Deposit's  Make's all the Difference in waiting for a puppy,  it insure that you will get a puppy email us first before making any Deposit's  we would be more then happy to help you're,

 Dreams Come True.




Spud is Our 10. lb. Breeding Male, Fawn who watches over his family by day and night,  what a looker with a sweet Temperament to match, this next litter could have both Clear Fawn, Fawn Chocolate & Tan and maybe Pie in each color as well  longhair in his DNA.




                      Photo of Father and Son



                 I like you because you taste like Chocolate...